Companies entering Russia

RuSol offers an inclusive variety of services for companies expanding to Russia. We will help our clients on each step of the market entry process.

  • Market research >>
  • Assessing the competitive environment of your industry in Russia will give your company a realistic idea of the success factors. Market sizing and competitor profiling will help you to make your decision of how to enter the market.
  • Screening services >>
  • Depending on what entry mode your company chooses to enter the Russian market, we will find the agents, factories, office facilities, partners, warehouses, accounting service, acquisition targets or any other location, person or company to match your criterions. We will check the background of each target, providing you with a list of true owners, decision makers, and the financial statement. We can also make background checks on private persons.
  • Business plan and cash flow analysis >>
  • Russian business environment includes expenses that differ from other markets. A new business plan with cost calculations will help your company to estimate the cost structure and needed resources.
  • Negotiation services >>
  • We will support you in sales-, purchasing- or any other type of negotiations. We will provide you with the needed translation and legal services with our market knowledge for your company to secure its position in negotiations.
  • Legal services >>
  • Our legal services will look out for your company‚Äôs benefits and security in trade and purchasing contracts. We also can help your company with all legal issues regarding establishing a company, a factory, or an assembly line in Russia. These services, for example, include relations to tax authorities and securing your ownership rights.
  • Certificates and approvals >>
  • Most of the products need an approval of quality from the Russian authorities in order to pass the border to Russia. Certificates and other approvals are provided by Certification Center CTCR Oy. To read more about certificates and to fill in the application form please visit
  • Permits >>
  • We will provide your company with all the needed permits, including permits for construction projects and working permits for your foreign staff.